Jul 30, 2022

A Tear of separation

All of us have 

All the Sorrows, sufferings 

And the sweet memories too

With full of joy and happiness .

We all live with cheating,

Lying and justifying.

Some of us are crying, 

Few are trying, tricky fake smiles,

And some of us are just 

Suppressing everything.

But we all are afraid, 

Not have courage 

To accept the truths that 

Ultimately, there is 

An end, 

A finishing point, 

A final stoppage 

And that end 

Decides the value of our lives

Our breaths, heart beats, our loves

Our conclusions … 

And that one unfinished task, 

We want to finish before dying-

A Last Hug, A final Kiss or just 

A Tear of separation, forever.

- Ajai M. (c)

25/06/22, 05.29 AM

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