Sep 13, 2010

प्रवीण पाठमाला पाठ 19 से 24 तक का अँग्रेज़ी अनुवाद

(सौजन्य राजभाषा विभाग एवं सी डेक)

Lesson 19

Ramesh : Congratulations. I heard that this time the closing ceremony of the Hindi week was very well organised.

Dinesh : Yes, with everybody's continuous co-operation the programme was a success. This time a greater number of people were also present. The hall was jam-packed. Yes, tell me why didn't you come for the function? Didn't you receive the invitation card in time?

Ramesh : This time I received the invitation card quite early, but due to viral I couldn't come even though I wanted to. Being ill how could I come?

Dinesh : I wish you had come because this time the programme was very nice. Every programme was conducted under the direction of Madam Director. I think that if she had not taken personal interest, the programme may not have been so successful.

Ramesh : In spite of the illness, I saw some parts of your programme on Doordarshan. The cultural programme looked very entertaining.

Dinesh : Yes, I think that this time the main attraction of the function was its cultural programme. The presentation by artists of the Song and Drama Division were a highlight of the programme. The beauty of the Manipuri dance could only be seen to be believed.

Ramesh : The Garba dance also presented a live glimpse of the culture of Gujarat and the Hindi song established the importance of the programme.

Dinesh : Did you see any reaction to our programme in the newspapers?

Ramesh : Yes, this time two-three newspapers gave a detailed report of the programme. It would have been good if some photographs had also been published in it.

Dinesh : It seems that you have not seen the 'Jan Jagaran'. In it photographs were also published.

Ramesh : No, how could I have seen it? This newspaper does not come to my house.

In the programme how was the announcer's presentation on stage?

Dinesh : The stage presentation was good but there were more prize winners because this time two more competitions had been conducted.

Ramesh : Then the prize distribution must have taken quite long.

Dinesh : Yes, that is why the shortage of time in the presentation describing the achievements of the office by Madam Director was annoying. It would have been better if there was more time.

Ramesh : I think that if I had been present for the programme I could have heard the entire speech of the Chief Guest.

This time his speech has been praised quite a lot in the newspapers.

Dinesh : Yes, the Chief Guest discussed the increasing importance of Hindi in the world, thus establishing its' importance.

He said that Hindi is an important language in the world. People who speak and understand Hindi are present all over the world. We should make all possible efforts for the progress, propaganda and spread of Hindi as a world language. The entire audience lauded his statement by clapping. In the end along with refreshments the function ended successfully.

Lesson 20

When the Minister of Devgadh province Sardar Sujan Singh became old he went and requested the King, Lord, your slave has served you for forty years. Now I have become old, I don't have the strength to manage the affairs of the state. In case I make a mistake, it will be a stain in my old age. The King used to greatly respect his tactful minister.He tried hard to persuade him, but when the minister did not agree he conceded and accepted his request but laid the condition that he only would have to find a new minister for the province. The next day an advertisement was taken out in the renowned newspapers of the country that a competent minister was required for Devgadh. Those people who considered themselves capable for this post should contact the present minister Sardar Sujan Singh. It is not necessary that they should be graduates, but their health should be good. Till one month the candidates' way of living and conduct will be tested. There will be less emphasis on education but more on fulfilling your duty. Whosoever is fully successful in this test will be appointed to this post. This advertisement created a stir in the whole country. Such a high post and there was no kind of restriction. Hundreds of people left to try their luck. Sardar Sujan Singh had made big arrangements for the hospitality of these great people. Each person was trying to portray his life-style in a good manner according to his intelligence. But the old connoisseur of men Sujan Singh was sitting in the shelter and watching where the swan was hidden amongst these herons. One day the young men organised a game of hockey. The game was going on very enthusiastically. When they would run fast with the ball, the other team would stop the progressing wave as if they were a wall of iron. This pomp and show continued till the evening. People were drenched in sweat. The panting players became totally exhausted but no decision could be made about who had won and who had lost. It became dark. A short distance from this playground was a rivulet. There was no bridge on it, people passing to and fro had to walk through the rivulet. The play had just finished and people were relaxing when a farmer came to the rivulet with a cart laden with food grains. But because there was mud in the rivulet and also because its' climb was very high the cart couldn't go up. Sometimes he would shout at the bullocks, sometimes he would push the wheels with his hands, but the load was more and the bullocks were weak. The cart couldn't climb up and even if it did, it would climb a little and then slip back down again. The farmer would exert force again and again and get irritated and hit the bullocks again and again, but the cart showed no signs of moving ahead. Disappointed, the poor farmer was looking here and there but he could not see anyone. He could not even leave the cart and go anywhere. He was entrapped in a big problem. At the same time the players with hockey sticks in their hands passed from there. The farmer looked towards them with frightened eyes, but did not have the courage to ask anyone for help. The players also saw him but with closed eyes. In that group there was a person who had kindness in his heart and he had courage too. Today he had hurt his legs while playing hockey. Limping, he was slowly walking ahead. Suddenly his gaze fell on the cart. He stopped. As soon as he saw the farmer's face he understood everything. He kept the hockey stick on one side, took off his coat and went up to the farmer and said, Should I take your cart out? The farmer saw a healthy bodied, tall man standing in front of him. He bent and said, Sir, how can I ask you? The young man said, It seems as if you have been stuck here for quite a long time. You go and sit in the cart and control the bullocks, I'll push the wheels, the cart will soon climb up. The farmer went and sat in the cart. The youth exerted force and pulled up the wheels. There was lot of slush. He went into the ground till his knees, but he did not loss courage. He exerted force again, while the farmed goaded the bullocks. The bullocks got some support, they bent their shoulders and exerted force once and the cart was above the rivulet. The farmer stood in front of the young man with folded hands. He said, Lord, you rescued me, otherwise I would have had to sit here the whole night. The young man laughed and said, Now what reward will you give me? With a serious expression the farmer said, If God is willing you only will get the ministership. One month finished and the day of the election came. From early morning the candidates were eager to hear the result of their fate. Passing the day seemed like a mountain. On each one's face colours of hope and disappointment flickered. Don't know whose destiny will awaken? In the evening the King's court was decorated. Rich people of the city, state officials, courtiers and the group of ministerial candidates dressed up and came to the court. The candidates' hearts were beating. Then Sardar Sujan Singh stood up and said, Gentleman candidates for the post of minister, forgive me for the hardship I have given you. For this post such a man was required who had kindness in his heart as well as self-confidence.

By the good fortune of this province we have found such a man. There are very few meritorious people like this in the world. I congratulate the province for getting a minister like Pandit Jankinath. Sardar Sir then said, You people will have no problem in accepting that a person who is injured himself yet helps to push a poor farmers laden cart out of the slush and across the rivulet, how much courage, will-power and generosity is there in his heart. Such a man will never harass the poor. His resolution is firm, which will keep his heart stable. Even if he is deceived he will never stray from the path of kindness and religion.

- Premchand

(Edited version of Munshi Premchand's original story)
Lesson 21

Gupta : Sundaram ji, has the file related to the new course returned from the Under Secretary (Training)?

Sundaram : Please sit down, I'll look for the file and tell you. I think we should call Ganeshan ji too. (At that moment Ganeshan ji enters the room.)

Gupta : Please come in, Ganeshan ji. I was just going to call you because the case-file related to making the new course has returned from the Under Secretary (Training).He wants a meeting related to this to be convened before the new course is made.

Ganeshan : When should the meeting be called?

Gupta : At the end of this month because in the first week of the next month Under Secretary is going on an official tour to Chennai.

Sundaram : There is very little time. Prior to the meeting the committee will have to be formed.

Gupta : Yes, regarding the formation of the committee he wishes that there should be 10-12 departmental members in the committee, in which one regional joint director and one deputy director are also included.

Ganeshan : My suggestion is that some subject experts from outside should also be included in this committee.

Gupta : Yes, that is fine. We will benefit from their experience.

Sundaram : It seems that the number of members in the committee will be about 20-25.

Ganeshan : Gupta ji, this meeting will be convened under the chairmanship of the Secretary, won't it? It cannot be held in the conference hall of our office because repair work is going on there which will be completed by the end of this month.

Sundaram : In this situation I suggest that we should discuss with the administrative officer to organize the conference in some other conference hall.

Gupta : The suggestion is good. For the conference hall we will also have to send a note to the administrative officer today itself. I think that the 25th of this month will be fine for the meeting. I am sending you this file. I want the list of members taking part in the meeting and the agenda of topics to be considered prepared today itself so that all the members can be informed in time.

Sundaram : Fine. By evening I will send the list of members and agenda to you for approval.

Gupta : Ganeshan ji, I want you to discuss with the administrative officer and write the note today itself so that all the arrangements can be made well in time.

Ganeshan : Yes, I'll write a note to the administrative officer for the conference hall today itself and in one or two days will take all action and present the file to you soon.

Gupta : Fine. I want all this work to be done as soon as possible.

Ganeshan and Sundaram : Fine.
Lesson 22

Under Secretary : Raghavan ji. It's good that you have come personally. I was just about to call you. Yesterday a meeting of all the branch officers was held at the deputy secretary's office. In it the decision was taken that the annual inspection of every section should be conducted soon and special efforts should be made to dispose off the pending work. The inspection work will be started immediately. The date for inspection of our sections has not yet been decided. It's possible that the inspection may take place next week. In the previous annual inspection the performance of your section has been good. I wish that your performance is good this time also.

Raghavan : I wish to discuss with you regarding this. You know that these days the quantity of work in the section has increased a lot. The number of receipts has doubled, but the number of employees has not increased in the same ratio. The matter of appointing two additional assistants is getting postponed.

Under Secretary : Due to this it is not possible to stop the annual inspection. You are a section office; you should find a solution for this.

Raghavan : In this week there are two holidays. The employees can be called to work on those two days and their over time allowance can be sanctioned.

Under Secretary : Raghavan ji, you are aware of the policy of the government. Over-time allowance cannot be given. Yes, compensatory leave can be granted.

Raghavan : This will not solve the problem. When they take leave, the pending work will again increase. That is why my suggestion is that as a special circumstance the over-time allowance should be sanctioned.

Under Secretary : Anyway, it's fine. Do you wish say anything else?

Raghavan : Yes, in our section Mrs. Saxena wishes to proceed on earned leave. Under Secretary : Can't her leave be cancelled? After the inspection we will sanction her earned leave.

Raghavan : She can be called but Miss Dhanlaxmis' leave cannot be postponed because she is getting married at the beginning of next month. She has to go to Chennai.

Under Secretary : Anyway, her leave can be sanctioned.

Raghavan : There is one more thing which I wish to discuss with you. Though all the assistants have pending work but the quantity of pending work on Krishnan's seat is more. His work is not right. He is not able to do the work with speed. I think he will not be able to manage this seat. If Das is allotted this seat the pending work can be disposed off. Krishnan can be allotted a lighter seat.

Under Secretary : As you think right. I will ask Under Secretary (Administration) for two additional assistants for a temporary period. Please present a self-contained note regarding this.

Raghavan : Yes, alright.

Lesson 23

(Representation addressed to the Director, Central Government Health Scheme from Mr. Padam Singh, Assistant Director)To, The Director Central Government Health Scheme (C.G.H.S.)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare New Delhi.

Subject :- Request to stop my transfer from Delhi to Mumbai


In reference to the above mentioned subject please refer to office order number ................. dated ........ for your kind perusal. According to this order I have been promoted to the post of Deputy Director. Along with the promotion I have been transferred from New Delhi to Mumbai. It is not possible for me to move to Mumbai as I have some domestic problems, which are as follows :-

1. In New Delhi I have been allotted a government flat. On moving to Mumbai on transfer I will have to vacate this government accommodation. I do not have my own personal house in Delhi. By vacating the government flat my family will face accommodation problem. Arranging for my own house in two metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai will increase my economic burden.

2. My wife is a teacher in Delhi Administration. She cannot be transferred outside Delhi. I have two children who are studying in public schools in Delhi. My daughter is in the 10th standard, therefore securing admission for both the children in the middle of the session is not possible.

3. My old parents also stay with me. My father is suffering from heart disease and my mother has rheumatoid arthritis. It is not possible for my wife to single-handedly look after the whole family along with her job.

4. Keeping in view the above-mentioned problems I would request you to consider my representation sympathetically and kindly have me posted in Delhi.

Yours faithfully


( Padam Singh)

Assistant Director

Place : ....................Date : ....................

Lesson 24

Official letters are used for the expression of orders and thoughts by the Government of India. In the letter it is specified that these letters are being written under the direction of the government. The letters are used between state governments, statutory bodies like the Union Public Service Commission, corporations, heads of undertakings, affiliated and subordinate offices, public sectors and the general public. Letters are not used for communication between two ministries.

The draft of the letter is complete in itself. It has the following parts :-

1. Letter number

2. The name and address of the Government of India, department, ministry/office

3. Date

4. To, the receiver's name and designation and address

5. Subject

6. Reference (in case of previous communication only)

7. Salutation (Sir/Madam for official letters and Dear Sir/Madam for non-official letters)

8. The main part of the letter

9. Subscription (Yours faithfully)

10. The signature and designation of the dispatcher

In the letter verb forms such as 'it is directed', 'wish to say', 'do', 'should be done', 'is being done', 'will be done', 'should be done' are used.

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