Sep 13, 2010

प्रवीण पाठमाला विविधा 1 से 4 तक का अँग्रेज़ी अनुवाद

(सौजन्य राजभाषा विभाग  एवं सी डेक)


Today the consumer in our country has become more aware than before. Giving importance to the protection of the rights of consumers the Government of India made provision of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986.The matter of protection of the rights of consumers comes under the 'Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ministry'.
Under this ministry policies are made related to price control, availability of essential commodities, measurement control and quality control of consumer goods, etc. To protect customers from fraud which takes place day in and day out they have been given the right to ask for information regarding quality of the product, quantity, availability and the prices of standard goods. Along with this a guarantee is given to customers for the goods, under which they have also been given the right of free repair or exchange of defected goods within a stipulated period. Today many options are available in the market by which the customer can choose the product of his choice at competitive rates. To stop the exploitation of consumers and find a solution to their complaints the government, under the 1986 Consumer Protection Act, has established consumer courts at the district level. Complaints regarding any kind of fraud with the customer or lack or slackness of delegated services can be registered in the consumer court. Today the preview of consumer protection has become quite extensive. The public can also take the help of consumer courts in case of irregularities in public services provided by the government such as maintenance of roads, proper arrangement of lighting on them, providing clean and a clear environment, primary education and health and transport arrangements. Banks, hospitals, doctors, Housing Development Board and delegated services like private builders are also included in its preview. Consumer courts have complete legal recognition. Many cases have been disposed off in a justified manner by these courts and along with providing legal expenditure to the affected consumer in lieu of the mental, physical and economic exploitation, arrangement for overall compensation has also been done.

If we remember the past in the field of communication, we will realise that today a transformation has taken place in this field. With the development of civilisation man developed the postal system for the purpose of communication. At the start of the 20th century the development of a new science called Electronics started. Radio, cinema and television are its important contribution. Communication satellites have made television reach every part of the world. After the Apple communication satellite India has installed many satellites in the Inset series. The computer has also played an important role in the communication revolution. The twenty-first century has emerged as the mother of new and ultra-modern means of communication. Our country is a democratic republic. That is why the importance of formation of public opinion mediums is increasing day by day. Today the computer is quite helpful for business matters, rail, air and hotel reservations and regulation of money in banks, etc. Today information can be sent very fast from one place to another by computer management, e-mail, fax etc. The world-wide system named Internet which connects thousands of networks throughout the world with one another has also come into existence. It has tied the communication methods of the world in one thread. Due to world-wide mobile communication service with pictures you can establish direct contact from any place with a person present in any other place. Under the Internet the World Wide Web (WWW) is a devise to acquire a lot of information. Through e-commerce companies, sellers, traders and customers have greatly benefitted. Through e-cash you can buy goods without cash payment. In the field of medicine through the facility of telemedicine a doctor can successfully treat patients sitting far away. This saves quite a lot of time and money. Through telepresence you are even able to reach where till yesterday it was not possible for you to reach. Apart from this you can also benefit from public utility services like e-cloth, e-consultancy, e-administration, etc. Today you can acquire information related to high-level education in the world through an internet fitted computer at home itself. In this it is not necessary to go to the school and college. Today the age of electronic books has also come. There are many possibilities of employment also in the field of Information Technology. Therefore, the continuous progress taking place in the mediums of communication will prove to be a milestone in the development of the country and whichever country is not able to change according to the new communication mediums developing everyday, will be left behind in race of development.

Health is our true wealth. Only a healthy person can lead a happy life. The meaning of being healthy is not just freedom from diseases but it means a healthy mind along with a disease-free body. The different parts of our body fulfil different jobs, such as respiration, digestion, blood-circulation, excretion, etc. When every part of the body works properly then the whole body also functions easily. When any one or more than one system of the body is affected then we fall sick. The main causes of diseases are eating imbalanced food, having polluted water and polluted food and breathing in polluted air. We also fall sick due to the entry of germs in our body or wrong habits of eating food. Diseases also occur due to deficiency or eating extra nutritious substances. Mental tension is also the cause of many diseases. An important method to prevent diseases is to keep the environment clean and healthy. We should take utmost care of our personal health and community health. For prevention of diseases we will have to put an end to the causes of diseases. Cleanliness prevents the spread of diseases. For our personal health we should pay special attention to body cleanliness, a balanced diet, sleep and exercise. We should stay away from smoking, consuming alcohol, excessive eating and taking intoxicating substances. Cutting your nails and keeping them clean, washing your eyes with cold water, rinsing your mouth after every meal, having a bath regularly, wearing washed clothes every day, using washed utensils for the purity of food items, keeping food covered, eating raw vegetables and fruits after washing, taking particular care of cleanliness while cooking and serving food, regular cleanliness of teeth, hair etc. are very necessary for your personal cleanliness. The meaning of community health is taking care of the health of all the members in the society. In cities the increasing population, industrialization etc. are polluting our environment. It is the foremost responsibility of the local municipal corporation to keep every area clean. It is our collective responsibility to keep the environment clean. The local municipal corporation has many responsibilities such as supplying clean drinking water for community health so as to prevent diseases caused by polluted water. Apart from this the municipal corporation also does the work of disposal of the polluted water and other waste that comes out from mills. Adopting different scientific methods for the disposal of the waste material that comes out from mills and industrial units is significant for a healthy life.

Earlier women were far behind men in politics, science, education and other areas. The society and family did not give them permission to step outside. In the modern age women have broken away from restrictions. Today's modern women are walking hand in hand with men and moving ahead in every area. With the spread of education, Indian women have established their own identity in literature, science, and medicine and sports science. Today women have gone beyond home games. They have challenged the dominance of men in the world of sports. They are participating in all national and international competitions. Even with limited resources P.T. Usha won the title of 'Udanpari' (Flying Fairy).She won the fourth place in athletic competitions. There is a long list of her achievements in the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and international level competitions. In long jump Anju Bobby George won the gold medal in the Asian Games. In the Olympic Games also by winning the sixth position she made India proud. By performing well in hockey and cricket also today Indian women have put India in the front row at the international level. In cricket Shanta Rangaswamy, Anjum Chopra and Sandhya Agarwal and in hockey Surajlata Devi, Paramjit Kaur, etc. have performed well and made India's name shine. In Badminton Aparna Popat, in swimming Bula Chaudhary, in mountaineering Bachendri Pal, in shooting Anjali Vedpathak etc. have performed in a scientific manner and enhanced India's prestige. In Tennis Sania Mirza has left a mark on minds all over the world. New records have been established because of women stepping into the world of sports.

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